• info@erpaan.org
  • Abuja, Nigeria
May 2019

Blessing Ojembe et al. Poster Presentation

Describing reasons for loneliness among older people in Nigeria @ TrentAging 2019.

  • Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
Oct. 2018

Michael E Kalu et al. Symposium Presentation

Emerging Evidence on Ageing Research in Africa- Part 2, @ the Canadian Association of Gerontology, 47th Annual Conference.

  • Vancouver, Canada
Oct, 2018

Israel Adandom et al. Poster Presentation

Researching the inclusion of psychosocial and cognitive factors during the management of hip/knee fractures among the older adults in Nigeria.

  • Coal City Enugu, Nigeria
May 2018

Michael Kalu Prentation

Michael presenting on Published Work at the Emerging Reseracher Conference at the British Society of Gerontology Conference

  • University of Manchester, the United Kingdom
July 2017

Blessing Ojembe et al. Oral Presentation

Loneliness and social isolation among older people in Nigeria: The role of technology

  • Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom
May 2019

Obi Chineye et al. Poster Presentation

Knowledge of risk factors for falls and practice of fall prevention in older adults among physiotherapist in Nigeria #WCPT2019.

  • Geneva, Switzerland
Oct. 2018

Henrietha Nwankwo et al. Poster Presentation

Environmental and Socio-economic factors as a determinant of mobility for older adults: perception of physiotherapist in Nigeria.

  • Coal City Enugu, Nigeria
May 2018

Samuel Jumbo & Michael Kalu Symposium Presentation

Emerging Evidence on Ageing Research in Africa @ The Canadian Association of African Studies.

  • Queens University, Kingston Ontario Canada
Jan. 2018

Samuel Jumbo et al. Poster Presentation

Burden experience of formal & informal caregivers of older adults with hip fracture in southern Nigeria.

  • Western University, London